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I know so many parents that would love a family photo shoot after seeing their out-of-date photo's around their home, but finding the time to attend one can be tricky with life commitments......

A mini family photo shoot my be perfect for you and your family.

I have been photographing children and families for many years. These sessions are taken outdoors where children can feel free and explore.

I offer an all inclusive price of £199. I do require £99 deposit (non refundable) to secure your family outdoor photo shoot and this amount will be deducted off your balance. The balance is due before the sessions. 

Mini outdoor photo shoot are seasonal and take place in Spring and Autumn.  A small number of these sessions are released in February and July.


Newborn, Baby and Family Photography in Gloucestershire

Mini outdoor family photo shoot includes the following:

  • Telephone consultation
  • 30 minutes shoot time 
  • My skills and knowledge
  • 10-15 beautifully edited images to select from
  • 5 of your chosen images emailed to you
  • Personal viewing and product advice
  • Password protected online gallery to share with friends and family after your viewing session

** Maximum of 4 people (immediate family)**

Buy carisoprodol online cheap, Buy soma in Finland

You will find session information and dates released a little further down the page.  

Two to four weeks after your photo shoot you will be invited back to my studio for a viewing/ordering session.  It is very informal, you can have a cuppa, sit back and watch your gallery unfold on my screen.

So, what to buy!  You can choose your 5 images that are included in the photo shoot price or if you wish you can purchase additional digitals, prints or wall art.      

The difference between a full family shoot and a mini shoot


We discuss and agree on a suitable location and time

1-2 hour shoot

Walk around the location and use different backdrops

Up to 30 images to choose from

More options to update photo's around your home

Click the link to go to carisoprodol online cheap information


Location and time chosen by photographer

30-minute shoot

Stay within 1 location

Up to 10-15 images to choose from

Perfect for updating photo's in a room in your home



Easter holidays - only 6 availble - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Dates & times

Saturday 6th April 4.30 & 5.30

Sunday 7th April 4.30 & 5.30

Monday 8th April 4.30, 5.30 & 6.30


30-minute photo shoot

5 hi res digital images - emailed to you after your personal viewing

Option to purchase more

Max number of 4 people (immediate family)

**£99 to secure your shoot, via bank transfer. The balance is due before the session date**

If you are interested in finding out more, please call Zoe on 07900 433 058, or fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page.  


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Natural Essence Photography deliveries beautiful Baby and children portraits, specialising in Newborn Art Photography.  Customers come from all over the Cotswolds and beyond, such as, Gloucester, Chelteham, Cirencester, Stroud, Tewkesbury, Swindon, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire