Tips for a fab outdoor family photo shoot

Tips for a fab family outdoor photo shoot

Tips for a fab outdoor family photo shoot

My favourite time of year to photograph outdoor children’s and family photo shoots is spring and autumn. Why? Because I love the punch of colours that trees, bushes and flowers bring into the photos.  As well as beautiful colour, this time of year allows photo shoots to take place when the light is at its best.  So, what is the best lighting?  For me it is gorgeous soft lighting that is created two to three hours before sun sets.  This light is so flattering, producing soft shadows, no panda eyes on my watch!  Spring and autumn months are ideal for children, with the sun going down earlier than the summer months you can really make the most of the lighting.

Soft Autumn lighting

Tips for a fab outdoor family photo shoot

Don’t worry. Be happy.

Booking and then preparing for a outdoor children’s and family photo shoot can be quite stressful. ‘How to dress the family?’ and ‘what if my children aren’t well behaved?’ I aim to make all my photo shoots as relaxed as possible starting as soon as a family books a shoot. On our initial telephone call, we discuss everything from time and location for the session and advice on what to wear. Clothing choice has a big impact on the final images. Colours can either enhance a photo or add an unwanted distraction.

Clothes colours really binds an image

Tips for a fab outdoor family photo shoot

There’s no rush

Children moods can be unpredictable, and as a Mum of two strong minded boys, I know that things rarely go as we wish. I choose for all of my family and children’s photography outdoors to be on location. Outdoor photography offers a more relaxing environment for children, less restrictions. The outdoor space allows children to feel free to run and explore. This adds more natural images to your gallery, that shows the character of your child.

It is important to remember your child hasn’t asked for this outdoor photo shoot, so making them feel comfortable and to see the event as fun is so important. Like all my sessions nothing is rushed. It is my job to get to know you all and quickly understand the moods of the little people and adapting to those moods. So if they are getting restless, we change the direction, get them to play, explore or even hug while I keep photographing these moments. If they get tired, we take a break and they have a snack.

Research your photographer

To make an outdoor children’s and family photo shoot less stressful, make sure you book the photographer that is right for you and your family.  Check their work out. I know that sounds obvious, but photographers have their own style and it is important that their style fits in with your vision. Have a good chat with the photographer, make sure they understand your family’s needs. With young children, breaks, snacks and playing with their own toys will help the session run well.  Yes, cost is a big factor, but remember a family photo shoot is an investment.  Family photos are so important, as a family grows you will look back on these photographs for generations.  If the photographer you love is in your price range BOOK.  Knowing you have booked a photographer because you love their art and you feel they will work well with you, is a big step to achieve the desired photo’s you are hoping for.

REVIEWS always make me smile, but when the camera-shy father of the family writes the review, it really highlights how well I did!

“Would Highly Recommend! Very Friendly, and Zoe even managed to get me to smile! Some Fabulous pictures of our kids were produced and memories that we’ll treasure forever! ” Mr Patel
“We had a great family photo session with Zoe, she was so good with our children that by the end of it she was our two year old’s new best friend! The photos are perfect, she clearly put a lot of work into the editing and we’ve got some photos that will stay on our walls forever. Thanks Zoe.” Mrs Larkin

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Walk, explore and hugs

Outdoor Children's and Family Photo Shoots

A late afternoon Spring Day

Child Photographer Gloucestershire

Amazing Autumn colours and smiles
Outdoor Children's and Family Photo Shoots
Double trouble
Outdoor Childrens and Family Photo Shoots
Cuddles and some alone time

Outdoor Children's Photo Shoots

Main objective….. to keep the little ones happy

Outdoor Children's and Family Photo Shoots

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