Photo shoots after lockdown

Photo shoots after lockdown

The world is going through something we have never experienced before. Each step we make to come through the other side is delicate and unknown.

The government are putting together a plan of action for the nation to come out of lockdown. Many businesses will need to work differently when they are allowed to work again, and that includes photographers.

Photo shoots after lockdown

Whilst at the moment my studio is closed I have been doing a lot of research into the global advice that has been given on covid-19 and visited WHO website (World Health Organisation) for up-to-date and true information. There are a lot of myths flying around.

I am hoping to get back behind my camera in June, inline with the government guidelines. From June I will be offering outdoor family shoots and from July newborn and baby shoots that take place in my studio. When the lockdown has been lifted, we will naturally feel wary about doing things away from our homes. Please be assured that safety has always been my number 1 priority when looking after you and your family.

I have always practiced a high level of hygiene in my studio and that will continue with a few more precautions put in place.

Clients have always been asked not to attend their session if they or a member of their family are unwell.  It is always best to reschedule the session for when everyone is fit and healthy.  This also applies to me and my family. If I feel unwell or if any of my family are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 I will contact my client to reschedule their session.


All sessions, with the exception of newborn photo shoots (unless you would like a more lifestyle shoot), will be photographed outside with social distancing in mind and this can be the case for sitter sessions (6 to 9 months) too.

I am hoping to be able to offer outdoor children’s and family shoots from June. I always use my high-performance telephoto zoom lens, which means I am always a good distance away from my clients, more the 2 meters in fact! The location I use has free parking and no gates to open. I am in the process of putting together a package that will be in effect until we can be back to some kind of normality. This package will included a shorter shooting time and include all digitals.


I miss my little clients so much and I can not wait to get back into my studio and capture their tiny features. I am hoping to get more clarity on when this may be reality and hoping it will be July, as I have several shoots booked in.

Here is what I will be doing and asking my clients to do, to ensure hygiene is at it’s highest throughout photo shoots.


photo shoots after lockdown

What I will be doing.

My studio is always thoroughly cleaned after each session. This entails all surfaces sanitised, from shelves to floors to door handles. I will have 48 hours between each session. My studio has a low footfall. People are unable to walk in without a session booked and I only ever had one shoot in a day.

In normal circumstances I would usually provide refreshments, tea, coffee, water and some cheeky biscuits. Sadly, for now I will need to ask my families to bring their own food and drinks.

What I ask my families to do.

Only bring essential items to the shoot, and leave anything else at home or in the car.

You will need to bag and take home any food or drink that you bring. I will have bags available in the studio.


Photo shoots after lockdown

What I will be doing.

Before the session I will change into fresh clothing and my hair will be tied up

What I ask my families to do.

I ask that only family members that are being photographed come to the studio.  When siblings are involved in a shoot, family shots will be photographed at the beginning and then the sibling can be taken home after. This is something I have always implemented, and allows the environment to become a calm and relaxed space for the baby.

You will be asked to leave anything that is not essential for the photo shoot in your car.

Coats and shoes are to be removed and left in the studio entrance.


Photo by Valeriia Miller

What I will be doing.

As standard practice I always wash my hands thoroughly before and after the session. Throughout the session I use hand sanitiser.

What I ask my families to do.

There is always sanitiser in the studio. My clients will be asked to use hand sanitiser at the entrance to the studio and throughout the session, to keep hygiene level high at it’s highest.


Photo by Canva Photos Team
Photo by Canva Photos Team

What I will be doing.

When photographing a newborns after lockdown I will probably wear a face masks and gloves whether it is a requirement, or not. I have been looking into facemasks and gloves to wear in these sessions. I am lucky to live next to a Nurse that has been heavily involved in the virus and I have been advised to use disposable surgical mask and not cloth made ones. This is down to the tighter weave that paper mask are made from. A fresh face mask and a fresh pair of gloves will be worn for each session.

What I ask my families to do.

I will have a supply disposable masks available in my studio for my clients.


Enquiries have started to roll into my inbox which is great, however I will be waiting for when we are officially allowed to work to carryout photo shoots.

If everyone stays alert I will be able to photograph outdoor children’s and family shoots from June. Social distancing can defiantly be practiced at these sessions and what a way to celebrate the coming out of the lockdown. Outdoor shoots may only be for one household to start with, to keep inline with the governments guideline.

It has always been so important to me that my customer feel safe and reassured throughout their photo shoot and have a wonderful experience.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please contact me. I would love to have a chat with you and discuss how we can work together to capture some heart-warming moments for you and your family.



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