Newborn photos during Covid-19

Covid-19 has change the way we live for the time being. The self employed have spent years building their business and for the ones that can they have created an online service.

Sadly for a newborn and family photographer that is not possible. I have been feeling really sad that parents are not able to have professional Newborn photo’s during Covid-19, to capture such an amazing and heart-warming time.

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So I have decided to put together a small guide, to help you capture your baby’s first few weeks by taking nice, basic pictures at home. Not only will this help you get some lovely images at a time when you can’t leave your home, but also give you a fun and meaningful activity to do.

These images below have been taken using my phone and edited on my phone too, hardly fair to use my professional camera and photoshop.

The first thing is safety. Every image I have taken it very safe. Please do not try any poses that you may have seen online, many are composites, with a spotter close by giving support and training has been taken to ensure they are executed correctly and safely.

How to take newborn photo’s during Covid-19

Firstly choose an area close to a window, ideally a north facing, which will produce softer more flattering light. You will need a softish surface to place your baby on, such as a sofa cushion. Choose a blanket you would like to lay your baby on.

Newborn photos during Covid-19

If you have hats, headbands, scarves gather them before you begin your DIY photo shoot, oh and your favourite onesie for your baby, not for you! Although there is nothing stopping you wearing your onesie while shooting.

Begin with laying your baby on their back. Keep their nappy on, rather then having them fully naked. You want to get some lovely images without having to worry about little or big accidents. Have the light coming from the side and you will get some lovely shadows.

Newborn photos during Covid-19

You could have your baby clothed in a onesie or with their nappy on. Take a few different angles to start building your gallery

Mix and match by adding and taking away accessories. Next bring the blanket over your baby’s body, like the image below. A very sweet photo focusing on your baby’s adorable face.

Newborn photos during Covid-19

By placing a soft toy or something special that was bought in your baby’s arms, will show you in the following years just how tiny your little one was.

One thing newborns love is being wrapped. So a scarf can be great for these shots. Start wrapping your baby with the shortest side by bring it across their body and tucking under them . Ensure you hold their arms so they are comfortably wrapped in the scarf.

Newborn photos during Covid-19

The scarf I have used is a big one, a smaller one would also be fine. Continue to wrap around your baby, but ensure your baby is happy and safe. For a different look you could untuck the scarf a little and have it trailing into the distance.

Newborn photos during Covid-19

Change the scarf to one of your baby’s little blankets and drape it over them, showing off their arms and toes. Before you get rid of this blanket, lets not forget an image that every parent loves, the feet! With one hand holding their foot, wrap the blanket around so you are only seeing their cute little toes.

Newborn photos during Covid-19

Next you can move your baby on to their side. Some babies love their hands up by their face and they may decide that is where they want them. Do not leave your baby on their side for too long and one important thing to ensure is that your baby’s hands are comfortable, if they change to a purply colour massage that area to get the blood flowing.

Newborn photos during Covid-19

Editing tool

I used PS Express app. I haven’t change a lot, but you can be as creative as you want, but remember a simple edit, like adding a soft natural filter will enhance the images and not distract away from your baby.

Here are some before and afters to show you a little editing on your phone is really all you need.

Newborn photos during Covid-19
Newborn photos during Covid-19

So before I end this blog I would like to offer a great tip. Don’t shoot up your baby’s sweet nose, it is more flattering to shoot ‘down’ their nose instead. Always stay with your baby and if they are not in the mood to be photographed, wait until they are fed and try again.

I hope this helps you capture your baby’s first weeks entering this very strange time. Hopefully we can resume normal life soon and you can book in with a professional photographer to capture your baby’s next milestones.

Keep safe and I hope to see some of you in Natural Essence Photography’s studio in the future.



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