Newborn photography new safety measures


I am so excited for the re-opening of my studio on the 4th July. It has been a strange time for us all. We have all needed to take action and follow the governments guidelines to fight this invisible virus.

I thought it would be helpful to let my clients know what changes I will be making to baby photography, during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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I take the wellbeing of my clients very seriously and this will not change. With the current situation further measures have been put in place, to continue to ensure the health and safety of my clients and my family too.


Medics consider that the risk to babies is low. Babies are either asymptomatic or are mildly unwell.

I have made the decision to have 72 hours between each studio shoot. This allows me to deep clean the studio, fabrics and props (this was standard practice before the pandemic) and further cleaning of door handles, seating etc. Studies have also shown the risk is likely to be reduced significantly after 72 hours.

I will be wearing an N95 mask and a visor (following the government guidance for photographers). When I meet my clients and will wear it through out the session.

I will be asking parents to bring their baby into the studio in their car seat and for all non-essential items to be left in the car. If it is not raining this will include your coats.

On entering my studio I will be asked to use my automatic hand sanitiser that is located at the entrance. I will ask clients to use the automatic hand sanitiser when leaving the studio too. Also my clients will be asked to remove their shoes or wear shoe protectors that I have available.

I will be mindful of distancing from my clients and I will asked my clients to do the same. When photographing newborns I need to handle the baby, but will keep this to a minimum and move back to take the photo. I will be wearing a face mask and visor at all times and parents will also be required to wear face masks when not being photographed. I will have fresh masks in the studio for my clients.

The baby will remain in their car seat until the shoot begins. I will ask one parent to place their baby on the beanbag. Once the parent has moved back I will gently take their baby and begin the photo shoot.

The shoot time will be reduced to limit the time we are all together. Usually sessions are up to 3-4 hours, I will do my best to be under 2 hours.

Newborn mini shoot Gloucester

To aid with the shortening of the shoot, posing will be simplified and beautiful wrapping the baby will be a big part of the session as this helps babies settle. The wrapping is also a great idea as a window will be open to ensure good ventilation. Be assured the studio will still be lovely and warm.

I offer two types of Newborn Photography. A mini newborn session and a full newborn session. The full newborn session includes family and sibling photos.  I will take a variety of images of you all and individual ones with the baby, this way you will be able to position your baby, with my direction and I can keep my distance.

I will use hand sanitiser through out the session and will encourage my clients to do the same.

Newborn photography new safety measures

In normal circumstances I would provide refreshments, tea, coffee, water and some cheeky biscuits. Sadly, for now I will need to ask my clients to bring their own food and drinks and take home their rubbish.

My clients will be asked to fill out a questionnaire the day before their shoot. This is to confirm that they are not experiencing any symptoms and do not have a temperature. I will also confirm to the parents that I nor my family is experiencing any symptoms.

Should the unfortunate outcome be that the parents or I do have Coronavirus related symptoms the session will be postponed for two weeks.


I love photographing siblings with their brand new brother or sister. In the current situation I would need to discussion if this is a possibility with the parents. My studio isn’t big and I need to ensure that the sibling and I can be mindful of being socially distant and that they will not move around the studio. I need to ensure that I can provide a safe environment for them.

Newborn photography new safety measures

As long as the parents feel that they can help their children to socially distance and not move around the studio, they can attend the shoot. They will be photographed first and I will ask for the sibling to be taken home as soon as their photo’s are taken.


Usually after the shoot families are invite back to the studio for their gallery reveal. At this time I need to do reduce the amount of people in and out of my studio.

I will be using ZOOM to reveal my clients images. At this meeting you will choose the collection you would like and discuss and purchase of wall art if you wish. All payment will be taken online.

Chosen images will be sent via digital download, again to reduce contact, but should wall art also be ordered, they will be delivered to you.


Newborn photography new safety measures

I take great pride in delivering a high standard images and service and that will not change.

I am sure you’ll agree that these newborn photography new safety measures will help protect us all, It will also give you the knowledge that you and your family are in safe hands.

Newborn mini shoot Gloucester


Newborn photography new safety measures

July is fully BOOKED

August has 2 sessions available

September has 4 sessions available

October has 5 sessions available

If you have any questions, would like to discuss or secure a newborn shoot , please do get in touch HERE or call 07900 433 058. Sessions will be very limited to allow for early and late arrivals and 72 hours between each session.




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