10 questions to ask your newborn photographer

10 questions to ask your newborn photographer.

Newborn photography has become very popular in the UK, but how do you chose the right newborn photographer? Someone to capture memorable photo’s of your baby in their first few weeks. There are many talented and experienced photographers out there, but how do you find the one for you and your family?

Newborn photographer

Researching and asking the right questions will help you choose the right photographer. A photographer that will offer you an experience you will love, while ensuring the safety and comfort of your baby.

Newborn Photographer
Question #1: What style of newborn photography do we like?

This is a question to ask yourself.

There are two main types of newborn photography, lifestyle and posed, each style requires very different skills. I highly recommend choosing a photographer who is a specialist in the style you prefer.

Posed newborn photography, which offers stunning portraits of sleeping babies, in positions as they were in the womb, along with other sweet poses. Often props, such as crates and buckets are also stylised and used.

Newborn photographer

(I also offer a few semi-posed images within my sessions.)

newborn photography

These photographers have extensive experience and training in this style of photography, with expert knowledge on how to pose a baby safely. This training and experience it so important, because they will be handling and manipulating your baby into various poses. 

The other main style is lifestyle newborn photography, natural, semi-posed images of you and your baby interacting together in your home. Specialist lifestyle photographers have experience in mastering the art of using window light, resulting in light that will flatter you and your family. They are experts in creating natural-looking poses, producing true emotion and connection.

The image above was taken by the talented Chui King Le from Chui King Li Photography . I specialise in posed studio newborn photography, with some relaxed poses within my session. If your preference is lifestyle photography in Gloucestershire, then I have highly recommend Chui.

Newborn Photographer
Question #2: What experience do you have?

So, we all know someone that enjoys photography, but we are dealing with babies, a precious new life! You need to make sure you choose a photographer with experience, one that understands camera’s from shooting in manual, to understanding colour calibration and all the technical bits in between. ABOVE ALL the technical knowledge, make sure that they have experience photographing newborns.

If your preference is ‘posed’ ask what training they have done. Trained photographers will have the knowledge to keep your baby safe while delivering beautiful imagery. You can’t get these days back!

newborn photographer

Newborn Photographer
Question #3: How will you keep my baby safe?

Newborns are precious and fragile. As a Mum you will want to know that your baby’s safety is paramount to the photographer you have chosen. That they have a calm and understanding nature and know the needs of you and your baby.

You love the poses, but how will they be created safely, will there be hands on your baby to ensure support is provided when needed.

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You want to be sure you have a newborn photographer who is focused on keeping your baby as safe as possible. This will provide incredible peace of mind throughout your session!

Newborn Photographer
Question #4: How much time should I set aside for the photo shoot?

Newborn photography is unlike any another type of photography. Why?Simply because they are newborns and very unpredictable. A session when photographing ‘posed’ newborn photography will take between two to four hours. A photographer should never squeeze a session in between other sessions. You need to know that there is plenty of time, that nothing will be rushed and you and your baby are comfortable throughout. Newborns need feeding, changing and hugs, they run the show and they need a photographer that understands their needs.

newborn photographer Gloucestershire

Newborn Photographer
Question #5: What is included in the price?

It is important to understand the price list and know what is included. Some photographers charge a session fee and then the products are extra, others offer an all inclusive price that includes the session fee and products, with different collections to choose from. They will more than likely require a deposit to secure your session. If you want digitals, will they be online for you to download or put on a USB.

Newborn photographer Gloucester

By knowing the pricing you will avoid the sticky situation of falling in love with the images, but not being able to buy what you what. It will be a photo shoot where you will want to buy these memorable pictures. Your baby will change so quickly, and the images will be cherished.

Experienced professional photographer’s are not cheap, and there is a reason for that. They are skilled in what they do. They have invested time and money into training and perfecting their style, to give you a unique quality service.

Newborn Photographer
Question #6: How involved do we need to be?

As well as knowing what to expect for your baby, you will also want to know if anything is expected from you. Some newborn photographers will have an assistant, to help with poses where the baby needs support, others will work alone and ask a parent to help at times. It can be a lovely experience to be involved in the session.

experienced newborn photographer
Mum assisting

Newborn Photographer Question #7: Do you have examples of you work?

An experienced newborn photographer should have a gallery of their work on their website for you to look through. Make sure their work looks constant. Have a look at their social media accounts so you can get a real feel of different sessions, which will give you an understanding of their style and creativity.

View my gallery here

Newborn Photographer Question #8: How do you deal with an uncooperative baby?

The answer to this question will give you peace of mind and you will fully be able to enjoy the experience. In general, I get plenty of gorgeous photos out of a newborn session regardless of a baby’s mood. You need to know how your newborn photographer will handle it if your baby is struggling to cooperate. For instance, I always let my clients know that I have white noise running in the background, which helps calm a baby, as well as keeping the room nice and warm. Pacifiers and swaddling the baby often work like magic!

newborn photographer
This little lady was a little unsettled, but look how happy she is being swaddled!

Newborn Photographer Question #9: How old will you photograph a newborn?

The newborn stage sadly doesn’t last for long. The ideal time to photograph a newborn is between 5 and 14 days old (posed newborn style). Some photographers will not photograph babies older than 2 weeks, others will arrange a session for babies up to 6 weeks old.

newborn photographer
A sweet baby girl at 4 and a half weeks old.

The reason for this is down to the quick development that a newborn makes, in a short space of time. Newborns are very flexible, due to their bones not fused together. The older a newborn becomes the more their bones will fuse. They begin to stretch out more, and some babies do not want to be curled up. They also become more alert. If you book a session and your baby is older than 2 weeks old the photographer should manage your expectations.

Newborn Photographer Question #10: How should we prepare for the photo shoot?

Most newborn photographers have extensive experience working with little ones, and they want to share their tips and advise to help make your session as smooth as possible.

One thing I always tell my parents is that babies sense stress and become stressed themselves. So the more prepared you are the calmer and relaxed you will be and generally baby will follow suit!

I fully prepare my parents from when to feed their baby to how the studio will be and how I will run my session, with a chilled or fussy baby. Your photographer should do the same, if not you must ask! Being prepared will enhance the wonderful experience of watching your baby’s first photo shoot, without any unknowns.

Newbor photographer

I hope this helps you on your search for your newborn photographer.

If you have any questions or would like more information on my newborn photography sessions, please get in touch

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