Gloucester Newborn Baby Photography | Eliza 8 days old.

December 2017 was a busy month for me.  Along with planning the festive season for my family, I had many newborn photo shoots scheduled in too.  As baby’s arrival dates are so unpredictable, I provisionally book a date in the diary around their due dates.  December was the first time since running the Newborn side of my photography business that all provisional dates turned into the photo shoot date.  Well done baby’s!

This blog is about 8 day old Eliza, one of my December baby’s.  I met Eliza’s family just over two years ago when I photographed Eliza’s big Sister, Imogen’s newborn shoot. What a cute and proud big sister she has grown into.  Imogen was very gentle and protective over her new baby sister.

Gloucester Newborn Baby Photography

Now toddler’s have their own mind and agenda’s and no matter how cute these little people are they will do what they want.  In the cutest way of course.  It is the skill of the photographer to work with the toddler to create the best image possible, with gentle persuasion and encouragement.  The above image was in fact made up of four photo’s brought together in Photoshop where I worked my magic.

Gloucester Newborn Baby Photography

These really are such precious images that I know their parent’s are thrilled with.  Images that symbolises such a poignant time in their families life.

The proud parents

Gloucester Newborn Baby Photography

I always love it when parents agree to be in front of the camera, just look how amazing Eliza’s Mum looks, just days after birth.

At this point in the shoot Imogen had decided it was time to take a back seat and watch from the side lines.  Once a sibling has reached their limits of engaging they are never forced or made to feel bad.  They can sit down and play or become my assistant. Once the family photos were taken, Imogen was taken back home and we focused on Eliza.

Eliza 8 days old

Gloucester Newborn Baby Photography
Eliza was amazing, you can see she was loving her photo shoot.  Her smile was heart melting and she looked so adorable in this green bonnet.  My work flow is designed to create the smoothest transition from pose to pose.

Gloucester Newborn Baby Photography
Eliza really was out for the count.

Gloucester Newborn Baby Photography
……and she continued to sleep

Gloucester Newborn Baby Photography
To end the session we finished off with wrapping and placing Eliza into one of my crates, cushioned with soft fluffy material.

Gloucester Newborn Baby Photography

Through the whole session Eliza was so chilled and sleepy.  Her parents may have trouble getting her up for school one day lol.

To get a 5 star review is fantastic but to get a second 5 star review from the same family is an amazing feeling.

We are so thrilled with our recent newborn and family photos, which are displayed all over the house. Zoe photographed our first daughter which we loved, so of course we were going to go back with our second baby.  Zoe phoned us a couple of weeks before my partner’s due date to talk us through the session so we knew what to expect, and gave advice about what to do that morning. We talked through colour scheme and props. It was so lovely to get some photos of both our girls, and Zoe was very patient with our toddler and we’ve got some beautiful photos of the two of them. Would highly recommend Zoe to everyone, and intend to re visit for a family shoot one day.  Adam and Vicci

Gloucester Newborn Baby Photography | Eliza 8 days old

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