Covid-19 kids time capsule

Covid-19 kids time capsule, what a fantastic idea! Printable pages to help your children remember the time they and their family were in lockdown.

We are all living through an event that will go down in history. Our children we tell their children and Grandchildren, about the time schools closed, they couldn’t see or hug Grandad Parents, play with their friends and all the non essential business temporarily closed, to fight against a nasty virus that suffocated the world.

The covid-19 time capsule was created by Natalie Long at Long Creations, based in Canada. Natalie put it together for her daughter, to help her talk and work through this crazy time the whole world is experiencing.

My 2020 covid-19 time capsule

How kind and generous of Natalie to share her creation with the world for free!!!!! I have seen so many businesses charging a ridiculous amount for items, and to see that she has shared this to help our children and not profit from it is heart-warming. Never did Natalie think it would touch so many families around the world, including mine.

My six year old beginning his time capsule

The Time Capsule

This time capsule is a wonderful idea for our children to create a keepsake of how they felt and what they did through the time a virus stopped the world.

They can write about themselves, share what they did to keep busy, draw their family, do hand prints and add photographs of their life through COVID-19. Your child can also add their diary entries, newspaper clippings and anything else that is important to them.

My nine year old drawing his family

Covid-19 kids time capsule is a great way for your children to collect and record their thoughts and memories of this time. One day they will look back and see the time they were part of something so big the world united and worked together to bring families back together.

Covid-19 home schooling
My boys home-schooling

You can download the Covid-19 kids time capsule here and Natalie has just created and Adult version here, so you can join your children and create a time capsule together.

Have fun helping your children create this wonderful keepsake.

Stay home, stay safe and before long we will be seeing and hugging our family and friends.



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