Starting 2021 in lockdown number three was not the plan for any of us. It is rubbish and we all just want to get back to some kind of normality.

I am so sad for all the families that have been booked in with me. Excited to meet their new baby and have such a memorable photoshoot. Sadly these sessions have been postponed

DIY newborn photoshoot

When the first LOCKDOWN happened, I wrote a blog to guide parents on how to achieve a DIY newborn photoshoot at home. It was very well received so with a few updates here is it again.

Safety is paramount. Every image I have taken it very safe. DO NOT attempt any poses you have see online. These require specialist training and experience.

So what makes a good photo?



Find the best light. A north-facing window is great, no direct sunlight filtering through, producing flattering and soft light – perfect

DIY newborn photoshoot

Gather everything you need before you begin.

-A soft sofa cushion( great to lay your baby on).

-A neutral coloured blanket.

-Hats and headbands.

-Favourite onesie.


It is best to feed your baby before you begin. Leave the nappy on so you don’t need to worry about accidences. Lay your baby on their back, with the direction of the light coming from the side. This lighting setup will produce shadows and depth.

DIY newborn photoshoot

Take different angles to create variety in your gallery. ONE-KEY TIP, shoot ‘down’ your baby’s nose, it is more flattering than shooting up their nostrils.

To add variety add and take away accessories.

Bring the blanket up and over the baby (pictured below) and shoot closer will focus on your sweet baby’s face.

DIY newborn photoshoot

Newborn babies love to be swaddled. It is how I start all my sessions. It makes the baby feel safe and sleepy


Hold their arms by their side or across their body, ensuring their tiny fingers are flat. Use the shortest side of the scarf and bring it across the baby’s body and tuck it under them.

Newborn photo at home

Continue wrapping the scarf around your baby. Ensure your baby is happy and safe. To create a different look, why not untuck the scarf a little and trail it into the distance.

DYI newborn photo shoot

For another shot, drape one of your baby’s little blankets over them, leaving their arms and toes on show (see photo below). Every parent loves their baby’s dinky feet! With one hand, hold their foot under the blanket and wrap the blanket around, so you are only seeing their cute little toes. One day those feet will be running here, there and everywhere.

To end your DIY newborn photoshoot, lay your baby on their side (facing the light). Place their hands on top of each other and softly position their hands under their cheek. If your baby resists, never force. Leave their hands where they are happy.

It is IMPORTANT to remember to only have your baby on their side for a short time. If their hands begin to change to a purply colour, massage that area to get the blood flowing.

DIY newborn photo shoo


PS Express app has been used to edited these photos on my iPhone, but there are many other apps such as VSCO and Lightroom.

I haven’t changed a lot in the photos below as I prefer a more natural look to an image. A simple edit will enhance a photo and not take the focus away from your baby.

DIY newborn photo shoo

DIY newborn photo shoo

DIY newborn photo shoo
DIY newborn photo shoo
DIY newborn photo shoo
DIY newborn photo shoot
DIY newborn photo shoo

If your baby decides ‘no photos please’ hug, soothe and top up their feed. This will usually work for you to begin again.

I really hope that this blog helps you capture such a precious time.

Let’s hope we can socialise, hug again soon, and you can book in with a professional photographer to capture your baby’s next milestones.

baby girl 8 months sitting

I hope you can visit Natural Essence Photography’s studio in Gloucester soon.

If you would like to chat about a future shoot, please GET IN TOUCH