Anxiety in Children due to Coronavirus

Over the last 12 years, I have met so many children through my photography business. Each with their unique ways to relate and deal with what the world has to offer, good or bad. 

Last year was a year we never expected or wanted. It was hard for adults to get their head around, let alone our innocent children. Sadly, coronavirus has followed us into 2021.

Anxiety has rocketed within adults and children. With another lockdown enforced, with no prior warning, but most of us expected, will only add to the anxious emotions many of us are feeling. I am sure those that have never felt anxiety before are starting to experience it. 

“I think we have to be mindful of the present and stay focused on what is actually happening and not let ourselves go to worst case scenarios,”. “If we’re showing our kids catastrophic thinking and head-in-your-hands worry, and crying and fear, then they’re going to learn that’s the way to handle the times now.” Dr. Bubrick

Adults anxiety triggers

A national lockdown, resulting in your child/children needing to be home-schooled and you having to work. A combination no parent wants. 

Social media and the news can often heighten adult’s anxiety. So much negativity and scary information being thrown around and not always the truth. 

When it comes to social media, it can be a platform for scaremongers and people that thrive on adding more drama and judging people.  

If you are feeling your anxiety rising, put down your phone, social media doesn’t have a hold over you and maybe missing the news every now and again will help.

Here is a useful site to help parents deal with anxiety and ensure your children are being exposed to neutral and positive reactions.

Anxiety and Coping With the Coronavirus | Child Mind Institute

Is your child dealing with anxiety?

Children are resilient and amazing at adapting to new and strange circumstances. They know all the rules that have been introduced since coronavirus change our lives. No hugging, social distancing, masks now a fashion accessory, this has become the norm for them. However, another national lockdown will bring another wave of anxiety for so many children.

Adults find it hard to make sense of anxiety and for children, it is only harder for them to understand what they are feeling and how to deal with it. Signs of anxiety in your child are:

+ Not want to leave your side,

+ Having sleepless nights and upsetting dreams,

+ Becoming irritated

+ From calm to exploding tantrums.

Also, there are physical effects of anxiety too. As a child I can remember have tummy aches, which related to feeling anxious. Many children experience headaches and feeling sick when anxiety takes hold of them. It is a horrible feeling for anyone to have to deal with.

Here is a good website to help you support your child and their anxiety through this awful time. It may also help you too.

Supporting Kids During the Coronavirus Crisis | Child Mind Institute

Bring calm and positivity to your child

Always check in with your children and address any concerns that they have in a light and positive way, remember that they don’t need to know everything. A bit of information can help calm your child and make them feel in the know. Knowledge is power as they say.

Talk to your children about things they enjoy. Ignite the child within them and bring some excitement back into their young life.

Help them with ideas of what you can all do and plan for when we get back to a time when hugging is allowed and we can be close to one another.

Photography has always been a powerful tool; one I have embraced since college. Photos take us back to moments that fill us with joy and brings us happiness all over again. Go through old photographs with your child and display photos of their family, friends and favourite places, so they can see happy moments around them.

The great outdoors – It’s free and calming

I have met so many Gloucestershire families since moving my photography business to Gloucester over 11 years ago. 

Many families have returned many times for me to capture their family as they grow. Many families have contributed to my knowledge of the area.

It is a known fact that the great outdoors can help calm the mind and help with anxiety. We are lucky to live in the Cotswolds, but also need to be mindful of how far we go for fresh air.

You do need to STAY LOCAL. Here are some lovely places to explore with your children IF YOU LIVE CLOSE BY!!

Painwick Beacon

Painswick Beacon Walk – Gloucestershire, England | AllTrails

Barnwood Arboretum

Barnwood Arboretum, Nature Reserve & Park – Formal Garden in Gloucester, Gloucester – City of Gloucester (

Gloucester canal walk

Gloucester & Sharpness Canal walk, Gloucestershire | The Outdoor Guide

Crickley Hill

Crickley Hill | National Trust

Hatherley Park

Hatherley Park and Play Area | Cheltenham Rocks

Cheltenham Rock has put together a list of 10 walks suitable for children.

10 Walks in the Cotswolds for Children (

The great thing about taking your children for a walk is that they are free from 4 walls and screens. They can explore and will be taking part in an activity that they are familiar with. At the end of your walk the child/children should be calmer and pretty tired.

You could always treat your family to a delicious box of brownies from Baked In The Shire, BAKED | Facebook although I do find it hard to share these with my family!

Look forward to celebrating the return of normality

Getting back to normality is all we wanted for Christmas. With the vaccines being rolled out, we can only hope that this reality is coming soon.

Over the last year, we have missed so much and spending time with family has never been so important.

When we are out of this storm a family photo shoot would be a great way to celebrate your family coming back together. Photographs that will have even more meaning……… the time you can hug again, forget about social distancing, deposing of masks and wearing lippy. Family photos that you will look back on and will bring happiness, the time the storm blew away.

If you would like to find out more on my family outdoor sessions and be added to a list for when these can take place, please click HERE

This is a time to pull together, be understanding and shower people with kindness. WE ARE IN THE SAME STORM, BUT NOT IN THE SAME BOAT