I have been a specialist newborn and baby photographer in Gloucestershire for over 8 years.  I have met so many amazing families beginning a new chapter in their lives.

Affordable newborn photo shoot

Over the past few years, it has become clear to me that many parents would love heart-warming photos of their new baby, but certain factors have stopped them from booking a newborn photoshoot or booking with the photographer’s work they love.

Affordable newborn photo shoot

Having a baby is exciting but can also become overwhelming.  So many things to buy, a cot, a pushchair, a car seat, the list goes on and on.  Then there is the opportunity of having beautiful photos taken of your baby in their first few weeks in the world.  You have grown and loved your baby from the start, but the cost of a newborn shoot is just not affordable. 

A newborn shoot can take up to 3 hours, with a carefully thought out workflow with styling changes and extensive time editing a full gallery after the session. Time is taken to ensure posing of the baby is carried out safely and nothing is rushed.  All newborn photographers should have had a specialist training, this is paramount to our business.  Therefore, the cost of a newborn photoshoot is an investment.  It may not be a cost that you can justify just after having a baby, or you would prefer a smaller number of photos in a shorter time frame, but don’t want to compromise on safety and quality. 


This is where my MINI NEWBORN PHOTOSHOOT is perfect for parents that are on a tighter budget or time restraints. These short and sweet affordable newborn photoshoot have been carefully designed to offer heart-warming photos in an hour with an all-inclusive cost attached of £199, including 5 digital images.

Affordable newborn photo shoot

To enable these photoshoots to be carried out safely in a shorter time the session is simplified.  In these sessions a baby is creatively wrapped in delicate and soft fabrics, making the baby feel secure, offering stunning photos.   

Newborn mini shoot Gloucester

A wrapped baby also enables the session to begin straight away, even if a baby is awake, making this type of session perfect for babies up to 8 weeks old.  

To create a newborn shoot that is more cost-effective and completed in a shorter time, there have to be some compromises.

These sessions are for baby only, as there isn’t enough time to pose families and young children.

However, it is such a special session that I offer one parent and baby image like the one below.

Parents and new baby

The baby will be wrapped throughout the shoot to allow the session to move forward without disturbing the baby too much and the style and colours will be the same throughout. There will be fewer images to choose from, although in some way that may be good a good thing.

newborn all wrapped up with feet and hands out

I have operated my portrait photography business in Gloucester for 12 years and began specialising in newborn babies just over 8 years ago. I have photographed many families from all over Gloucestershire and love hearing about what resources have helped and supported them throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

Early Life Ultrasound Centre in Cheltenham is a very common resource my customer have used and loved.

2020 is the year none of us expected

This year has certainly taught us about what is important and most valuable to us. Speaking to so many parents, photos have become top of their list.

This is another reason why I offer these simplified newborn shoots. No one should miss out on beautiful photos of their baby so tiny and new, after all, they are only little for such a short space of time.

I think it is so important to be able to hear previous customers feedback.

Here is Mercedes, a new Mum of 11-day old baby Beatrice sharing her experience just after their recent mini newborn photo shoot.

The differences between a mini and full session are below:

If you are viewing on a phone please turn your phone to landscape position to view this table in full

Mini newborn sessionFull newborn session
Length of session1 – 1 and a half hours2 – 3 hours
Includes siblings and family shotsNoYes
Includes parent shots1 B&WYes
Number of styling options13-4 – bespoke
Includes prop shots1 (brown or grey crate)2 to 3 – your choice of props
Posing optionsOnly wrapped limited posing Wrapped and curled up unclothed – bespoke
Number of images to choose from1025-30
Age of baby5 days to 8 weeks5 days to 4 weeks
PriceAll-inclusive (includes 5 images)Session fee. Choice of collections
Personally gallery revealNo images emailedInformal and relaxed gallery reveal at the studio

To see more of the images you can expect from a mini newborn shoot, please click HERE and scroll down to the gallery,

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To take a look at my full newborn session click HERE.

READ HERE about how I am keeping my studio and session covid compliant.