We aren’t failing we are evolving

It is hard to believe that another year is drawing to a close.  I remember as a child that a year was so long and the month of December seemed the longest month ever.  Now the years rush by and as adults preparing for Christmas is an event in itself, the search for the prefect Christmas tree and the visit to Father Christmas

I find it hard to believe that I took this image of my boys two year ago.

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Every year I meet wonderful families that are wanting to capture an amazing time in their lives. It really is an honour to have been the chosen photographer, the feeling of pride never fades.

This year my photography business took a new direction.  The year I stopped photographing weddings.  Wedding Photography has been a big part of my life and the reason I started my photography business over 10 years ago .  This year was the first year I focused on my newborn, baby and outdoor portrait photography.

Newborn Photography Gloucestershire

It was a year that began without knowing how it would end.

Motherhood changes things and that’s ok!

Since having my second baby boy my life changed a lot.  Becoming a Mum is an amazing experience.  I  had created life and the love I felt for my little humans was overwhelming.  Along with the most amazing event of my life came new struggles, challenges and guilt. A wedding would consume a lot of my time.  There is so much involved before and after the day. I also had my newborn photography business that was born when I was pregnant with my second child.  I would not compromise the service I have always provided.

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Balancing work and family life is a struggle

Like all parents, balancing working life with home life is a struggle.  Being self employed meant I never felt off duty, so while I was with my family I constantly thought about my work and the mountain of editing, emails and other administration tasks waiting for me.  The pull to work got stronger and unhealthy.  With both my boys at school and my husband working shifts, that could fall on a weekend, being free on weekends became even more important.

These two boys are my world.

Family Photography Gloucester

So last year I made a hard decision to stop weddings all together.  It was a nervous time for me, but a year on it was the right decision.  Businesses evolve to keep up with demands and adapt to the market place.  I evolved my business to fit in with the demands of my family life.  I adapted to the changing commitments entering our family life.

I am proud of my success and the reputation I have built over the years, but if it hadn’t been for my customers, this year I wouldn’t have been as successful.  I can not express how thankful I am to every one of my customers over the years. So many of my new customers this year booked a newborn photography session with myself because Natural Essence Photography was recommended to them. Recommendations is the best form of marketing. Another rewarding part of this year was continuing to see so many of my customers returning with their second and third babies or booking outdoor children’s and family photography.

Family photography


Feeling we need to make changes doesn’t mean we have failed!

Sometime as parents when we change something big in our life, because we feel we are struggling and the guilt is getting too much, we feel we have failed.  How wrong is it to think and feel this way.   A new direction is often what we need, but it doesn’t happen without new worries.   By moving my business forward with my newborn and portrait photography it has brought a positive and refreshing outlook to my business and my family life.  I made the right decision!  Struggles and challenges are still there in my day to day life, but that is all part of life, but I manage them better.  My weekends are more family oriented, my time better spent and my high standard of service is never compromised.

To all parents remember we aren’t failing we are evolving


Here are few snippets taken from reviews received.

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Full reviews can be found here

Here are just some of the gorgeous babies I have meet this year

Newborn photography

We aren't failing we are evolving

Motherhood. We aren't failing we are evolving

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So that is me wrapped up for another year.  I wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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