‘Booking a newborn photo shoot. Is my baby too old?’


This is such a common question! So many parents didn’t know or simply forgot, in the mist of preparing for their new arrival, that booking a newborn photo shoot is best done before your baby arrives.

Booking a newborn photo shoot

Really? So early?

The ideal time to photograph a newborn is in their first two weeks of arriving in their new world. And so, I always advise to book a newborn photo shoot shortly after your 20 week scan.

Because due dates are unpredictable, newborn baby photographers need to be flexible and rearrange photo shoots to accommodate for the early and late arrivals.

For this reason, my newborn photo shoots are limited per month. By booking in early you will be guaranteed a session.

But don’t worry, I will always try my best to book a baby in if a parent contacts me after their baby has been born.

booking a newborn photo shoot

Why under two weeks old?

The type of newborn photography that I offer is specialist. The poses can only be achieved while a baby is supple and very sleepy. Within a small window from birth a baby still loves being curled up, like they were in their Mummy’s womb. As the weeks pass by babies begin to stretch out, become less sleepy and their bones start to fuse together, meaning their suppleness become less.Booking a newborn photo shoot

Can you photograph a baby older then two weeks old? 

For me I will photograph a baby up to five weeks old. However, it is important for me to manage a parents expectations.

Some babies are still supple and some are not. Some simply just want to stretch out. Some are chilled, and sleeping is what they want to do. Others want to see their surrounding and show off their cheeky developing character. Either way I capture beautiful images that still highlights the very new stage of your baby. You get some gorgeous awake shoots too.

Babies are unpredictable. Even photographing a baby within two weeks of birth doesn’t guarantee that he or she will sleep. That is why it is so important for me to understand a baby’s actions, work with them and adapting each session to get the best results, while keeping a lovely, calm environment.

Sophia four and a half weeks old

newborn photo shoot

newborn photo shootBooking a newborn photo shoot

Why choose a specialist?

I have been specialising in newborn photography since 2012. Spending a lot of time learning the trade to ensure I offer high quality images and a premium service, that parents deserve. Learning the trade has a lot of aspects to it. The most important one is learning how to pose a baby safely.

Other areas are understanding the development and needs of a newborn – using lighting in a new way (as photographing a newborn is very different to photographing older people). I’ve also refined my editing skills and found my own unique style. I could go on about this, but I will leave it for another blog!

Let’s create some magic

If you are interested in booking a newborn photo shoot, please call me 07900 433 058 to secure your date. We can discuss all of the options available and I’m happy to answer all of your questions.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Here is a 5 star Google review that Sophia’s parents shared

‘After our daughter was born we stumbled across the Natural Essence website as we searched for a baby photographer and we are so pleased we did. After sending an email Zoe contacted us by phone and talked us through the photo shoot and ease any concerns we had.
The photo shoot which takes places in Zoe’s studio at the back of her property was such a fun and enjoyable experience. Zoe is an amazing baby whisperer and soon had our daughter cooing in her arms and then suddenly fast asleep. Once asleep our daughter was placed gently in the most cute and angelic positions and allowed Zoe to capture the most beautiful images that we will cherish forever. Zoe is patient relaxed and most importantly professional and worked tirelessly to create the perfect images for us. We had left choosing a baby photographer a little late and our daughter was over four weeks old by the time of the shoot. Achieving the new born images in a baby this old is more difficult but Zoe was both brilliant and diligent in making sure she achieved these perfect shots.
Our photos are fabulous and the grandparents have also fallen in love with them. Trying to choose which amazing photos to take home was harder than choosing the baby name.
Thanks again Zoe for the most beautiful memories of our daughter.
Kind regards
Rich and Courts x’