Pregnant! How to keep cool in the summer heat

We moan about the cold and wet dreary weather and wish it was warmer, dare I say hotter…….then BAM! the heatwave comes and you can hear everyone say …….’wow its too hot’.  For heavily pregnant Mum’s it can be a real struggle to stay cool and comfortable, especially when their body temperature is slight higher to start with.

I was heavily pregnant with both my boys in the summer.  Here is a self portrait of me 5 days over due.  Hard to believe that this was nearly 4 years ago and my bump starts school in September! Pregnant! How to keep cool in the summer heat

So summer had arrived then quickly disappeared, but I am sure we will have a few more very warm,if not to hot, days left.

So you are pregnant! How to keep cool in summer heat, while you carry your baby.

One thing I loved to do was read a book outside.  I filled a paddling pool up, put my chair into it and sat down with my feet swishing around in the cool water.  Remember to wear sun cream as your skin is more sensitive to the sun rays and you will burn more easily.

Keep a glass of ice cold water with you, maybe add a slice of lemon.  Keeping hydrated is so important while pregnant and more so in hot weather.

Become a kid again and enjoy an ice cream or an ice pop, these will instantly cool you down.

Cooling spray mist is great!  I used Magicool  again it provides an instant relief to feeling hot.  Also a great tip is to pack a bottle in your hospital bag.  So when you are in labour and feeling hot the spray is a great way to cool you down.

Pretty obvious, but where breathable clothing.  There is nothing worst then having clothes stick to you in the heat.

If you are really struggling get yourself to the supermarket.  I always found the meat and cheese aisle too cold and rushed through that part of my shopping list, but when I was pregnant I embraced and welcomed the cold temperature.

Sleeping can be a real struggle.  Keep your curtains closed with a small gap and your window open in the day (if you are home of course) this way fresh air can circulate the room, but direct sunlight is kept out. Keeping the internal doors open throughout your home means air can circulate through.

One I don’t need to say, but will, have a massive fan in your bedroom.  I also found a fan a great source for white noise and I did sleep so much better. I actually missed it when the cooler nights came.

Pregnancy is different for everyone.  Some pregnant Mum’s struggle more then others.  But you all have an amazing event to come.   Meeting your new baby, an overwhelming experience, that will make all the struggles so worth it.

Here is my bump, Charlie my second baby boy.

I hope you have found this blog useful.

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