Newborn Photography Safety and BANPAS

Newborn Photography Safety

Newborn Photography Safety, training is a must.  Being a Newborn Photographer requires specialist and unique skills, so when I decided to branch out into the world of Newborn Photography ‘Newborn Photography Safety Training’ was first on my agenda. I expect that many of you don’t know that The Newborn Photography industry is not regulated. I take safety very seriously within my job, and it is down to individual photographers to seek support, training, and to educate themselves to ensure that beautiful images are captured safely.


I am delighted to have become a member of BANPAS (Baby and Newborn Photography Association). BANPAS promotes Newborn Photography Safety within the Newborn Photography industry and supports photographers within the sector with safety training and provides business support.


Within my photography style and brand I love images that are natural and posed positions that babies are comfortable in and often mimic positions in the womb. Of course I love the head on hands position (as seen below), you won’t find this captured in an ultra scan picture lol  A before and after image.

Newborn Photography Safety

Whenever poses like these are created Mum or Dad are always close.  I asked them to support their baby’s head.  At times, due to support that is positioned under the blankets Mum or Dad’s hand is raised….picture is  taken……and then back to support the head, or a finger remains at the side of the head and later edited out of the image.  Another way we use is to take two or more pictures where the hand is photographed supporting two different parts of the head and then the pictures are merged together in Photoshop, this is called a composite. Any professional Newborn Photographer should be implementing these safety-working practices.

When I position baby on the bean bag they are NEVER left without someone close so if I need to move away for any reason I ask a parent to move by their baby until I move back.  SAFETY IS EVERYTHING………YOUR BABY IS YOUR WORLD!!!!!Newborn Photography Gloucester

BANPAS also has a site for parents.  It provides a directory of Newborn Photographers that follow the ethos of safety first. It is also a great resource for parents providing information on everything you need to know when looking for a Newborn Photographer, along with what to expect.

You can find me in their directory here




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