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As a child time always seemed to pass so slowly……Birthdays took forever to come around and as for Christmas, well I never thought the man in the red suit would visit.  Then you became an adult, time moved quicker…….and then you became a parent and time, well it just disappears and moments are so hard to savour.

baby photography sitter session

Photographs are an essential part of life, they remind us of happy times that fill our life.  Printing them now in the digital age is so important.

One thing that is common with all parents is where has the time gone and how scary and quick our babies grow.  Our babies milestones come around so quickly and they are the moments that you want to document, even display the photographs nice and big on your walls.

Introducing you to the adorable Bertie.

Bertie who first visited me back in August last year for his Newborn Photography Session and then again this year for his sitters session.  Just look at the gorgeous little man he has become. In just 8 months your baby has learnt to laugh, smile, sit, focus, hold objects and many more things.  Their physical changes are huge.

Baby Milestone Photography

Gloucestershire Baby Photography Sitters Sessions

The new baby stage is gone in a flash and before you know it your baby has started to develop their own little personality and learning new things everyday.  This is why I offer a free ‘Sitters Session’ (a saving of £50) for anyone that has had a newborn session with me.

One of a baby milestone that parents love is when their gorgeous baby sits up unaided with confidence, with their personality gleaming from their face.

This is why Baby Photography Sitters Sessions are so popular and one that I adore to photograph.  The session takes place when your baby is able to sit up well on their own, but not going to wonder off and explore, which soon they will be desperate to do!  So between 6 – 9 months old is the best age.

My Baby Sitters Sessions are call ‘Little Sitters Photography Sessions‘ and take place at my Gloucester studio.  Little Sitters Photography Sessions are baby-led and relaxed.  I like simplicity, my styling is all about enhancing the images and not over powering your baby,  keeping your baby in the forefront of the photo’s.  It really is a fantastic age to photograph, it documents your baby’s ever developing personality.

From a serious inquisitive look to the explosive giggle that melts your heart.

Baby Photography Session CheltenhamBaby Photography Session Cheltenham

To the flexibility that your baby has developed and the amazing eye contact you now receive.

Cheltenham Baby Sitter Photography Sessions

To the gorgeous expressions they have developed that keep you captivated.

Baby Sitters Photography Sessions

To their beautiful big eyes and angelic look.

Baby Photography Sitters Sessions Gloucester

I specialise in Newborn and Baby Photography and situated in Gloucester.  My customers travel from Cheltenham, Forest of Dean, Swindon, Tewkesbury, Stroud and many other surrounding areas.

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